Bullion 7″

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London's Bullion has a new 7″ that has him filling in that sample based chicken soup for the dancing soul production gap that The Avalanches left unfilled. Take that Avalanches! We found another world so new.

Bullion might have showed up late to the party. Instrumental hip hop is fucking dead. The Avalanches never followed up Since I Left You, leaving us stuck in splendor on repeat. Bullion even made a Jay Dee vs. The Beach Boys mash-up record (see: Pet Sounds: In The Key of Dee) a year too late. Dealing with internet fickleness is the new indie-elitist. With that said, Bullion might have missed the boat on crafting these lush soundscapes to mass appeal, but that should not stop us from celebrating Bullion as the artist standing where the sidewalk ends.

The glimmer of hope is his Say Goodbye to What 7″ is sold out. Although, a pressing of 40 seems like fishy business. What factory presses 40?

You can download the entire 7″ in some foreign currency here.

Bullion, “Say Goodbye to What”