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Smart move Ex-lax. Philly-based Sweet Lights scooped the lemons dropping off the recent shuttering of the one-and-a-half year young Delicious Scopitone and turned it into a Coolatta®. Amazing feat of fruit-cocktail alchemy if ever there was one.

All I know is the intro sample got my girlfriend awwwwing even before the tune kicked in.

On that note, we found the interview with Scopitone master Emmanuel Ducret a pretty good summation of the dangers inherent in Serious Amateur Blogging, in which an individual or a team of rabid music fans endeavor to leave a mark on the wide-open pastures of blogspot, wordpress, hype machine. Basically, they start losing a taste for music, even as they start to hear it better.

Caught in mid-stream:

The other thing that made me realize that it was time to lay DS to rest was the amount of time I was devoting to it. Running a blog is no easy task, and it’s often to the detriment of our personal lives. I really needed to find myself again, to reconnect with my loved ones, in the “real world”. To leave the virtual world so I could return to it with pleasure, and not out of “obligation”– the obligation to be there, to be first, to get the premiere. Because it really is a race — a race without end, without limits.

AZ: What was your favorite thing about being a blogger?

Emmanuel: A few months ago, I was still deep inside the MP3 mine — searching, prospecting, staying up all night listening to music in the hope of uncovering something I liked. I have to say that I don’t really have this “leisure” any more, this pleasure, and I don’t enjoy publishing just because hundreds of visitors are waiting for my next post. I guess it’s my fault for having thought so “big”. It doesn’t feel like your blog belongs to you anymore. It’s a strange feeling– all the more so because music blogging, by definition, is sharing what you love with other people. I just felt conflicted by the whole situation.

(Not that this could ever happen to us.)