Wiz Khalifa arrested

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Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa was kinda asking for this one by naming his tour Waken Baken, taking it through the South, launching his own brand of rolling papers and bragging in a recent interview he has a $10,000-a-month weed habit. C'mon man, that's just lofting one over the plate for campus security.

This is a lesson never learned by rappers and musicians. You can't take your tour van or even a rental van with visible band gear through the South without enduring the frustration of an unlawful search of your vehicle. Every story I hear from band friends that involves possession charges always begins with “we were in [insert a former Confederate state]…”

Here's the video of Wiz getting hand-cuffed:

Did I hear a chick yell, “do a cannonball”?

Despite Wiz's eccentric weed expenses, he scrounged up enough loot to make the $300,000 bail. He was arrested on charges of “trafficking,” which always deserves quotations as it is highly doubtful Wiz was caught doing hand to hands, but merely possessed a substantial amount that allots the police the privilege of assuming he's a trafficker. Naturally, this has propelled Wiz to the statuesque position of weed-martyr. As if dude wasn't already becoming super-famous, he's now the most trending topic on the internet. Tweets of “#FreeWiz” are rampant, even though he's out of jail, his homies are out of jail and they are all at a Denny's somewhere slamming down Grand Slam breakfasts.