Week in Pop: Micah E. Wood, Palace Doctor, WAJU

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Palace Doctor

Going on a greenbelt safari with Palace Doctor; photographed by Austin Harris.

Introducing the new Athens, Georgia band Palace Doctor who just announced their debut album Mangled available September 22 through their label Laser Brains & presented us with the world premiere for their tight new single “There You Go”. Comprised of Phillip Brantley (formerly of Modern Skirts) with a rhythm section made up of Jeremy Wheatley (of Crooked Fingers) & Velveteen Pink’s Nick Robbins; the crew offers up a first listen to their Hank Sullivan produced/Kyle Spence engineered record with the sound that has caused their local paper Flagpole Magazine to herald Palace Dotor as one of Athens’ best & excited new bands around.
“There You Go” is the snarky and there you are response that humankind has become all-too-familiar with in our day-to-day discourse. But Palace Doctor’s version of “There You Go” is one that elevates the level of epiphany above all else in the narrative where kinetic chord structures instruct the rhythm scheme to follow suit in focused frames of fancy. The drums & guitars work together like a DNA double helix that spells out through musical mathematics in stories about our world & how it lost its way somehow along its regularly scheduled spin on its tilted axis. Alliterated reiterations of this world was great until… keep the entire track abiding by a very strictly structured motorik echo-system scheme that maintains a continuous centrifugal locomotive force throughout the entire song. Palace Doctor keeps the entire track pressing & pushing ahead that is reminiscent of a workaholic making their way along busy streets, trying to catch the right buses at the right times, the right subway train at the appropriate time in what feels like a rushing battle against the clock. The sands of time are set by the group’s spooling rotations of rhythm that keeps the entire cut feeling as if it is stepping & pressing forward toward what feels like the precipice of an unknown tomorrow.

Palace Doctor leader/Laser Brains co-operator Phillip Brantley introduced the single “There You Go” with the following exclusive introduction:

Of all the songs on Mangled, “There You Go” is the only one that actually predates Palace Doctor. The rest were all written after I had the name/idea for the band. “There You Go” is probably four years old. It was just an acoustic demo that I hadn’t put much thought into. One day at rehearsal, I started fooling with it and Jeremy Wheatley instantly began playing the steady, kraut-y beat that appears on the album. It made me rethink the potential of the song. I’m glad it made the record. It’s a bit of an outlier in that it’s the least garage-y tune of the bunch, but I think it gives Mangled some versatility.

Palace Doctor who just announced their debut album Mangled available September 22 through their label Laser Brains