Amen Dunes' one-man stoner folk epic is not trendy

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With the pointed references noting the album was recorded “solitary in a ramshackle Catskill Mountain home” and the excited blog chatter, I expected the cleverly-named Amen Dunes album entitled Dia to either serve more triple-layer lo-fi baked goods or some “freaky” (if unthreatening) country folk, but not both. Of course, it sounds natural, and effortless, and happens to be a scruffy, acoustic contribution to the lo-fi brigade, but sounds like dude isn't plotting an overthrow, just making really good music. If press releases are to be believed, Damon McMahon, solitary recorder in question, currently resides in North Beijing.

Amen Dunes, “Castles”

Amen Dunes, “White Lace”

Dia came out in April. Buy it at Locust.