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Argus, “Queen”

A horror trip of sound and sight from a young mind

Habits, “Shame / Desire”

The dark future of club music

Paw Paw (Feat. Gem Trails), “Evening Planets”

A stellar ambient track, one week before a full solar eclipse

Dog, “Cyborg Messiah”

Were you supposed to see this?

Dead Stars, “Happy or Sad”

Catchy, conflicting, lethargic.

Stream Pawns’ Debut LP, The Gallows

A fittingly bleak debut from the NY anarcho-punks

Lil Tits, “Circus”

How pissed off is pissed off?

BIRDS, “Scatter”

A quick, catchy trip of a vid

Seeming, “Stranger” (Feat. SAMMUS)

A drama born of a world in decay

Secret Crush, “Wash Away”

Being out of context is as important as context

BOMBZ, “Lonely Heartz”

A catchy and/or mystifying listening experience

Coca Leaf, “Glaze”

A supergroup if ever there was one (feat. members of Uniform, Merchandise, The Ukiah Drag, Destruction Unit AND MORE)

1970s Film Stock, “Birds”

Guitar trills and brilliant layering.

PILL, “Afraid Of The Mirror”

What looking at yourself (like, REALLY looking at yourself) sounds like

Milked, “White Punks”

Let’s practice what we preach, punks.

Buck Gooter, “Apocalypse Me”

Pretty bleak music for pretty bleak times

Weeping Icon, “Jail Billz”

Listen up, cat-callers

Rips, “Losing II”

Damn catchy rocknroll, with some damn weight to it

Stream Turnip King’s Surprise EP, Drive 2 Meet You

Who doesn’t like surprises?