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No Honeymoon EP, It’s Whatever, Out Today

Warm up with us

Lost Boy ?, “Enter Sandman”

Not Metallica, no.

Abbi Press, “Butterfly Effect”

Make lemonade, if you can

Profligate, “Enlist”

Chaos at war with order, but what else is new?

Deli Girls, “Indentured Pervert”

Noise meets dance meets punk and it’s conflicting and powerful

Stream Courtship Ritual’s Sophomore EP, Release Show TOMORROW with Alum

Dancepop with dreary purpose

Hearken, “Sure Shock”

Anybody got an extra kick drum?

The County Liners, “Maria” (Lucinda Williams Cover)

A new band, an old song, to take us away from today

Stream Sick Din’s new album, Ghost Princess

Move, and be moved to other worlds

Weed Hounds “Double Life”

Shoegaze worth waiting for

Essi, “I, I”

A noise rock band that shows the effectiveness of noise rock

Sin Asps, “Moog Suicide”

An electronic track with that “preternatural” vibe

Honey Ready Sophomore LP New Moody Judy + Read an Interview

A damn good sequel

Tredici Bacci Releasing a Record with Gary Wilson – Release Show This Friday at Our Wicked Lady

A live record with a legend.

Argus, “Queen”

A horror trip of sound and sight from a young mind

Habits, “Shame / Desire”

The dark future of club music

Paw Paw (Feat. Gem Trails), “Evening Planets”

A stellar ambient track, one week before a full solar eclipse

Dog, “Cyborg Messiah”

Were you supposed to see this?

Dead Stars, “Happy or Sad”

Catchy, conflicting, lethargic.