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White Ring, “Leprosy”

The first single of a debut LP honed by eight years of life

Decisions, “Trapped”

Exploring vulnerability through incensed punk

Horoscope, “Bri” (Wharf Cat Records ACLU Benefit Comp)

The grounding closer of a most noble compilation

Whiner Playing FREE April Residency at Sunnyvale, BK

A really good, really free show. Every Tuesday in April.

Stream Thomas Walsh’s Debut Full-Length Mechanics Of Deference

An album that offers you heaven, with the possibility of ripping it from you at any and every turn.

Bush Tetras, “Red Heavy”

The not-so-subtle art of not skipping a beat

Stream Russian Baths Debut EP Penance

The searing debut from one of Brooklyn’s most exciting acts

Bambara, “José Tries To Leave”

A tale of American Hopelessness

Media Jeweler, “Motivate”


Corey Flood Readies Debut EP, Wish You Hadn’t, Q+A

Self-proclaimed despondent rock, that makes sense

Reverence, Live Exorcism 2017

The most personal a cappella project you’ve ever heard. Or seen. Literally.

Check Out Metal Talk Show Two Minutes To Late Night, Taping February 8

“It’s like The View, if everyone was a backyard wrestler.”

Bichkraft, “Yonder”

The Kiev-based band weaving post-punk’s anxiety into new identities

Stream Autumn Casey’s Debut Solo Recording, This Is No Dream, The First Release Of New Label American Damage

A haunting solo endeavor, founded in old beginnings. A new label, founded in good taste.

The Front Doors, “Work It Out More”

Making things better by working it out

Photocomfort, “Rose Colored Glasses”

Getting everything out of a piano

The Men, “Maybe I’m Crazy”

The first new new single from the veteran band’s seventh full-length

Stream Kjostad / Ligature Overgrown Split LP

A collective noise effort that will destroy you

Palberta, “NANA”

The teasing sound of your childhood, turned nightmare pop