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Big Bliss, “Fortune”

A song, a band that plays like a restless sleep

THICK, “Anymore”

What might be the most NYC music video ever made

Prima, “Master”

A quick guide to mastering your fate

Pallas, “Cast A Lion, Cured A Crow”

Post-punk that simultaneously instills anxiety and resoluteness

Joey Agresta, “I Won’t Give Up” (Feat. Palberta)

Keep your head high

Institute, “Powerstation”

The powerhouse punk outfit is back in 2017

Holly Overton, “Living Without You”

Getting through it, through dance

Gold Dime, “Easy”

A new noise rock outfit from 1/2 of Talk Normal

Eaters, “No Secret”

A new sound sculpture cometh

Big French, “I Wanna New Rome”

Step outside your comfort zone

Pat Keen, “Indigo”

Going from touring loudly, to bedroom popping quietly…and going beautifully.

Stream Lugweight’s Weighty Yesterday LP

Your catharsis lies in reverberating static

Jackson VanHorn, “Desire”

A single that solidifies a self

Stream Ubetcha’s Debut Album, The Piss Olympics

Anxiety attack punk

Jackie Mendoza, “Chemtrails”

So many lives one can live, all at once

Anna Altman, “The Interview”

A comfort in constancy

Junk Boys, “Walk With Me”

Walk with them. Seriously.

Stream TASTY’s S/T Cassette

Damn fun, damn loud.

Horoscope, “Misogyny Stone”

Coming into clarity, coming into self with a brilliant second release