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Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

The Bae Beach Club

Introducing The Bae Beach Club; by Brandon Broccolo.

From St. Catharines, Ontario we bring you the ultra-sunny sound of The Bae Beach Club who present the world premiere of “The Bae Beach Club” theme song/anthem. Featured off their upcoming Our Escape EP recorded by Tom Dobrzanski of Monarch Studios; KiKi along with Chase Donoghue, Noah Rastegar & Damian Birdsey takes us to an exclusive & enchanted coastal paradise. Following up the recent single “all day“, the sand & sun worshiping crew deliver a listen one of their brightest & most brilliant songs to date that embody everything the group is about.
“The Bae Beach Club” transports us to a magical world that the group create before your very senses. Mixing the styles of surf genre films & pops sounds from yesterday & today; the St. Catharines bunch chases away all the overcast skies to create a fantasy escape full of pretty people, opulent provisions & cornucopias of riches beyond your imagination. The Bea Beach Club’s theme conjures the idea of some kinda elite Bohemian Grove by-the-beach vibe where illustrious events of endless intrigue await you. A theme & moniker created out of ideas of epic mythologies—KiKi & company are here to vicariously take us to a destination locale that is filled with limitless intrigues & fascination ripped from Blue Hawaii fantasias & all the b-movies involving beaches, baes, bad folks & a bounty of infinite resources. The Bae Beach Club brings a theme song that serves as a testament to endless summers to make spring a little more tolerable.

Chilling with The Bae Beach Club; by Brandon Broccolo.

KiKi from The Bae Beach Club shared the following exclusive thoughts about their theme song:

The last few summers I have spent all my time working as a sailing instructor at a sailing club by Lake Erie. Often, the parents of the kids I teach ask me to babysit for them while they go out to the town nearby—its great extra cash! This one time, the parents came home a little tipsy and they were asking me if I ever spend time down the beach at the private beach club. They went on telling me all about the cute boys that hang out there that they thought I would get along great with—some of their friend’s sons. I laughed it off and went on my way but my entire walk home I was so intrigued with the idea. When I got back to my room I got my notebook and wrote down all my ideas about this beach club. Its my world of the ultimate summer experience. I was so in love with the idea that I could never actually go to the place and find out what its actually like!

The Bae Beach Club’s upcoming Our Escape will be available soon.