Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider is often referred to as an entrepreneur, photographerwriter, and multi-media maven. She is currently the Editor in Chief at Impose and Moshery in her capacity as a Web Content Manager for Impose Media/Answer Media and its affiliates. In her free time, she likes to make baked goods and complete DIY projects alongside her trusty – OK, not so trusty – cat Schmidt. She loves Batman so much she named her car Bruce Wayne. You can find her random musings on Twitter and Instagram.

Please do not solicit her personal social media with submissions.

Meredith Schneider's Posts

Middle Kids Portraits

Delightfully charming.

Opin, S/T

SOMEONE please play this on repeat?

Billy Moon, “S L Y”

Cascading vocals on a raw track.

Sundara Karma Portraits at SXSW

Vivid and fun.

Stef Chura Talks Messes, The Hilarity that is Weed Dating Apps, and Cognitive Dissonance

Yup. All real.

Crumb Share Video for “Bones”, Talk Influence and Reddit Success

“A wild experience.”

Charity Shares “Metal Boy”, Talks Filmmaking and The Police

“I hate wasting time.”

NE-HI Talk Upcoming Release Offers, Queen, and Everything on the Horizon

“Shows, shows, shows.”

Evalyn Shares Recent Track “Filthy Rich”, Talks What’s Up Next and Dream Rider List

“To me, bitch means I am not to be fucked with.”

SXSW 2017 Talent Increases Your Behind the Scenes Fun With Social Media Takeovers

A perfect storm.

Tennis Releases Yours Conditionally With Vinyl Me, Please and Absolutely Nails It

Soft and supple.

Silvester, “Dancer”

Mellow, 80s gold.

Oh Pep! at Knuckleheads Saloon


Scout Paré-Phillips, Door Left Open

Ethereal badassery.

Dude York Releases Sincerely, Drops Some Knowledge and Podcast Recommendations

“They were all bit by radioactive guitars!”

SheSaid.So + SyncSmith Partner With Kayla Painter to Curate

Girl power.

NONA Shares Video For “Hold Up” (Beyoncé Cover), All Proceeds From Track Go to Planned Parenthood

In honor of International Women’s Day

Oceans Are Zeroes, “Some Stay Young”

A must. Period.

Son & Thief, “Million Dollar Rocket”

A whole other atmosphere.