Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider is often referred to as an entrepreneur, photographerwriter, and multi-media maven. She is currently the Editor in Chief at Impose and Moshery in her capacity as a Web Content Manager for Impose Media/Answer Media and its affiliates. In her free time, she likes to make baked goods and complete DIY projects alongside her trusty – OK, not so trusty – cat Schmidt. She loves Batman so much she named her car Bruce Wayne. You can find her random musings on Twitter and Instagram.

Please do not solicit her personal social media with submissions.

Meredith Schneider's Posts

Mimoza H, “The Wild Woman”

Mysterious and breathtaking.

New Found Glory, Makes Me Sick

Enveloped in that quintessential NFG pop-punk sound.

Frenship, “1000 Nights” (Acoustic)

Their connection with nature is quite clear with each new release.

Grim Streaker, “Guts”

A black and white bonanza.

Shells, The Invisible World, Ryan Wallace, The Slowdown in the West Bottoms


That One Eyed Kid Debuts “No Touching”, Talks Close Encounters and Snowflakes

“I’d like to think it’s my little snowflake of sound.”

NØMADS Premiere “Ataxophøbia”, Talk Inspiration and Long Road to PHØBIAC

“I think patience is always a good principle in music.”

Quiet Domino, “Metropelium”

In the midst of chaos…

Teflon Sega Shares “Deleted Conversations”, Worships Hendrix and Cheetah

“Jimi made me want to play guitar.”

Klozapin, Portal B

This album must have come from another world.

Let’s Eat Grandma Portraits

On the streets.

Anna Coogan Shares The Lonely Cry of Space & Time Before It’s Out, Is The Most Interesting Human We Know

“Everybody I know is creating some kind of art.”

D-Pulse Talks Serpentine, Shares Ultimate Friday Night Mix

“Yes we were that romantic and naive.”

The Scandals, Lucky Sevens

Upbeat, captivating.

Tribe Society Releases 27 Mixtape, Creates Another Layer of Beauty with 27 Club

“Discover some of these classic songs reimagined in our sound.”

Omega Vague, “Afraid”

A sci-fi lover’s dream.

Globelamp, “San Francisco”

Beauty from struggle.

Operator Music Band Shares “EE Unsh”, Talks Family and an ISO-Booth Filled With Lemons


Lauren Ruth Ward, Magic Bronson at SXSW

SXSt. Patrick’s Day