Jeremy Krinsley

(All of) The Flyers of Death By Audio

Wizard Oz wants to say Merry Christmas

Beyond, No Man Moves cassette

America Salutes the Carter Family cs93

Debut: Raajmahal, “Celandine”

Debut: Bebe Fang, “Walk”

Debut: Crystal Hell Pool, “System 1987”

Katrina Stonehart's guitar

KPLR broadcasts that alien techno

Go listen to Doldrums' Empire Sounds

Debut: The Pheromoans, “Mountain Pass”

Warrior Line are two

Hands in the Dark spill their Travel Expop series

Roy Orb D.M.T., “Breathing”

Roll the Dice, “Iron Bridge”

Lost Trail will get you wistful

Samurai Buck, “Riviera”

Rangers, “Zombie (Day)”

This is FIDLAR

Debut: Lee Noble, “Acid Clouds, Forests and Hopeless…”

Stream Flower Orgy's self-titled cassette

Chubby Wolf's posthumous wonders

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce, La piramide di sangue

Bruar Falls is out

Harmonizer are Software's first recruit

The Immaculates, “Love Dream”

Dead Luke's protest tunes sound like drug tunes

Heat Waves, I'm Fuckin You Tonight mix

Shimmering Stars sing you to bliss

The smell of AIDS Wolf

Total Slacker, “Psychic Mesa”

Brian Eno, “Panic of Looking”

Thee Oh Sees almost do a sax solo

ATM is from Antimagic

Slyy makes Serious Sauce Vol 2

Holy shit, Psychic Ills clean up

Oneohtrix Point Never, “Sleep Dealer”

Fujiya & Miyagi will help you tone those abs

Specialist Morgen J is blasted

Guardian Alien land with first 12-inch

Mattress, a “huge influence” on Dirty Beaches

R.I.P. Silk Flowers

Ricardo Donoso, “Chrome Decadence”

ERAAS would like you to try ERAAS

Alligator Indian aren't twee

Woodsman, “In Circles”

Hear a piece of Hubble's debut LP

Karnak Temples, “Soft Borders”

Zs to release double 7-inch “33”

Debut: Fungi Girls, “Honey Face”